• Rises awareness for environmental sustainability
  • Effectively exploits solar energy by using BIPV technology panels
  • Equipped with GEL technology high capacity batteries for energy storing, achieving energy autonomy
  • Allows you to plug and charge tablets, mobile phones or any other device using the USB ports
  • You can charge your laptop or plug any other device that demands common grid connection, through the 220VAC socket
  • Features low energy demand led lights providing a relaxing experience during the night
  • Recognizes people with disabilities by using advanced machine learning algorithms
  • Splits touch screen to be accessible from people on wheelchairs
  • Invites people with disabilities to charge their electric wheelchair
  • Trained to automatically detect users’ real time emotions, age and gender
  • Proposes tourist attractions in nearby places based on your profile
  • Provides weather info and forecast using climate sensors
  • Promotes awareness for people with disabilities and offers them an accessible place to communicate
  • Connects you on the Internet by free wireless access through the local WiFi hotspot
  • Helps you find directions, points or events of interest and information about nearby locations
  • Provides a comfort place to relax or meet at any time
  • Connects you live with the rest trees located worldwide
  • Allows you taking pictures for sharing them on social media
  • Powerful construction that provides elegance, security and zero corrosion close to coastal areas
  • Equipped with stylish sheds providing comfort and protection during the hot sunny days
  • All the seats and benches are made of extremely durable material and are offered in several shapes and colors
  • Touch screens provide access to the customized software and applications
  • Place your logo on the construction or play your video advertisement on the display screen
  • Easy to be assembled and disassembled offering the potential to be placed anywhere


Recognizes people with disabilities on wheelchairs and invites them

Trained to detect users’ real time emotions, age and gender

Senses the weather and reacts with warning on extreme conditions

Proposes tourist guidance information based on users’ profile


Uses artificial intelligence to recognize and invite them

Rises awareness and helps them to communicate and get more social

Provides easy access using ramp smartly designed for wheelchairs

Allows them to rest and charge their electric wheelchair

Splits touch screen to be easily accessible at their height

δéντρο IS SAFE!

It has been designed and built from the ground up to be safe to use, while featuring great resistance on vandalism, extreme weather conditions and earthquakes

It is Certified according to the European standards (CE marking)


  • Squares
  • Parks
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Railway Stations
  • Bus Stations
  • Airports
  • Harbors
  • Marine Ports
  • Malls
  • Large Hotels
  • House Complex